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Meet the most colourful pets in the world

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The most colourful pets in the world

Do you remember that time when you were little and the simple things in life made you feel extremely happy?

Like when your parents let you choose something in a candy store, or that one day you carried your first pet home? Pomme pidou is here to make you relive those moments of pure joy. Enter our colourful pet store and choose your piece of happiness.

Filled with happiness

Frog Freddy can’t wait to introduce you to his friends. They all live together in the happiest pet store ever.

A place where they play and laugh all day long. And just like real friends, everyone has their own character. Caramel the cat is a real bookworm and loves sleeping in front of the fireplace all day. Bella the cow is crazy about playing outside in the rain. Bulldog jack is a real running champion and knows everything about sports. Of course, there are plenty more pets in our store … just come in and meet the entire family yourself!

So, who is your favourite? choose your most colourful pet in the world, bring it home and brighten up your place.

Or get one as a gift and make someone you love as happy as a child in a candy store.